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Delivering Your Meds On Time and At Temperature

Express Scripts Pharmacy employs innovative technology using complex algorithms to safely deliver temperature-sensitive medications to your home. (Estimated reading time: 3 minutes)

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Home Delivery

The One Thing Plan Sponsors Can Do Right Now For Members During COVID-19

Giving members options by filling 90-day supplies through the Express Scripts Pharmacy or at retail pharmacies can provide peace of mind during COVID-19.

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Amazon's Alexa Helps Members Check Their Prescription Order Status And More

Our innovative approach to health care offers new opportunities to deliver better outcomes for our members.

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Why 9 Out of 10 Patients Like Home Delivery

Home delivery from Express Scripts Pharmacy offers lower cost, patient safety and the clinical expertise of condition-specific pharmacists.

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Why Home Delivery

5 Tips to Maximize Your Member Benefit

Are you a new member of Express Scripts? Here are a few tips and tools to make the most of your pharmacy benefit.

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Understand Your New Benefit

Proudly Delivering for our Military

Our Federal Pharmacy Services team ensures that our nation's retirees, our active duty military personnel and their families receive the care they deserve.

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TRICARE Veterans
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