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Electronic Methods Help Move Prescriptions More Efficiently

Recetas digitales

  • Using your pharmacy benefit wisely means using the most cost-effective method for getting your medication. With ePrescribing, you can continue to get your medication safely and quickly, but it's even easier for you and your doctor. ePrescribing reduces prescribing errors and is a win-win situation for everyone — you, your doctor and the Department of Defense. When you choose ePrescribing, you'll get the most cost-effective medication. The secure ePrescribing network sends your prescription safely and quickly to the pharmacy of your choice.
  • Pharmacy Choices
    You have a variety of convenient pharmacy choices to fill your medications. Ask your doctor to ePrescribe your prescription to a military pharmacy near you, TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery or a participating retail pharmacy. To receive your medication through TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery, have your doctor select "Express Scripts Home Delivery" in their pharmacy listing. To pick up your medication, you can select a military pharmacy or participating retail pharmacy. It's that simple!

Prior Authorization and ePA

  • What is Prior Authorization?
    Prior authorization is a program that monitors certain prescription drugs and their costs to get you the medication you require while reducing costs. Similar to healthcare plans that approve a medical procedure before it's done to ensure the necessity of the test, if you're prescribed a certain medication, that drug may need a "prior authorization." This program makes sure you're getting a prescription that is suitable for the intended use and covered by your pharmacy benefit.
  • What is Electronic Prior Authorization?
    Electronic Prior Authorization is a streamlined process your doctor's office can use to submit prior authorizations (PAs). It decreases turnaround time compared to the traditional phone and fax process. When your pharmacist tells you that your prescription needs a prior authorization, please ask your doctor's office to submit it electronically.

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