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Compound Drugs

How do I know if my compound drug is covered?

Compounds have multiple ingredients within them and coverage is evaluated for each individual ingredient. Therefore, the best way to determine if your compound prescription is covered is to request that your pharmacist process the claim electronically. The Express Scripts system will return coverage information real-time back to your pharmacist.

Why is my compound prescription rejecting?

One or more ingredients in your prescription are not covered. Consult your pharmacist for options. You may also want to consult your prescribing physician to determine if there are other covered alternatives that could be used for your condition.

How do I request prior authorization for a compound drug?

Ask your doctor to fill out the Compound Drug Prior Authorization Form (PDF file) and submit to Express Scripts. All instructions are included on the form.

Where can I find more information on compound drug coverage?

To learn more about Compound Drugs, visit

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